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Stamptrotters: Expertise Based on Experience

Stamptrotters stands out from most stamp clubs because of our many years of experience in collecting and a caring, highly professional approach. The breadth of our knowledge and services we offer are sure to please even the most discerning of collectors.

Officers and Appointed Positions


President:                   Charlie Steele

Vice President:          Phil Bruno       

Secretary:                   Mike Oniell     

              Treasurer:                   Craig Thorpe-Clark    

 Program Coordinator:   Charlie Steele

Procurement Manager:   Brad Mitchell

 Webmaster:   Richard Wambach 

Club History

As the current "senior" member I can tell you that I joined in 1963 as the only Junior Member. I was the youngest member for years and still am among the youngest at 59.5! The club was formed about 1955-7 by Harry McNamara of Hurley and I believe Stanley and Zelda Wyman of Saugerties (and some others). They met in Harry's home. By 1963 they were meeting in the YWCA and I remember quite a few members attending. We had to move out of there and met at the Chambers School for years.

     Then we had to leave there and went to Town of Ulster Hall. After years there they moved to the old Arby's on Ulster Ave as a temporary meeting place.

     I am not sure when Red Hook became the new meeting place. We put on many Stamp Shows in the 60-70s. We often held joint shows with the Dutchess Co club. Members of that club would attend our meeting and vice versa.

     It's sad to remember at all of the members that were in the club when I joined have passed on. Zelda died about 5 yrs ago. Harry in '89. I think Phil, Sophie and I go back the farthest.

- Neil

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